Sunday, August 16, 2015

Finally a cool toned eye makeup look! Grey & silver smokey eyes

Products used on the eyes:

  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • P2 Style Deluxe Designer Eyeshadow Quad in 030 - Fabulous London
  • Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Stealth and Corrupt
  • Isadora Glossy Eyeliner (waterproof) in 40 - chrome black
  • Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner in ultra black
  • L'oréal Brow Artist Designer in 303 - Dark Brunette
  • L'oréal Brow Artist Plumper in transparent
  • Kiko Ultra Tech Curve Mascara
  • Red Cherry Lashes in 747 S

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection + Swatches!

My makeup geek eyeshadow collection! I currently own 18 eyeshadows, 3 of which are foiled eyeshadows, and one blush (Romance).
top (left to right): Frappé, Cocoa Bear, Mocca, Corrupt
middle (left to right): Glamorous, Cosmopolitan, Goddess, Flamethrower
bottom (left to right): Stealth, Unexpected, Showtime, Bitten

left to right: Peach Smoothie, Crème Brulée, Latte, Frappé, Cocoa Bear, Mocca, Corrupt
left to right: Shimma Shimma, Cinderella, Grandstand, Glamorous, Cosmopolitan, Goddess, Flamethrower
left to right: Stealth, Unexpected, Showtime, Bitten

These are amazing! They are only $ 5,99 each for the regular shadows and $ 9,99 for the foiled shadows. I got mine in pan form and popped them into a Z Palette which is really handy.

In my opinion, they are just as good as MAC eyeshadows, if not even better. The black shade, Corrupt, is definitely the best black eyeshadow I have ever come across! It's super intense. I love using this on my upper lashline as a soft liner.

All of these shadows are super pigmented and blend really well. The foiled eyeshadows are very metallic and look amazing - BUT: they do crease on me after a little bit of wear time. This is probably due to the fact that they contain more oil which makes them more creamy and buttery, but at the same time this can be an issue on people with oily eyelids like me. I don't have that problem with the regular shadows though.

I also ordered another foiled eyeshadow in the color "In the spotlight", but that one broke during transport :(

Bottom line: If you can get your hands on them, go ahead and get them because they are phenomenal!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New makeup trend: What is "Strobing"?? + how to make it work for oily skin!

Strobing has been everywhere lately so I figured I would feature it on my blog. Basically, all strobing is is skipping contouring and instead highlighting your face to the extreme. It's supposed to look super glowy and summery.

You wanna apply highlighter to the high points of your face, which are the browbone, above the brow, the inner corners of the eyes, tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, tip of the nose, cupid's bow...some people even put highlighter on the center of their forehead or on the chin. Personally, I like to stay away from those areas since I am oily anyway and putting highlighter directly on there would just make me look like a greaseball. So try to avoid those areas if you are oily and want to try strobing.

Also, you get the most intense effect by layering. So put down a cream base first and then apply a powder highlighter on top. Finally, spray your face with MAC Fix+, Urban Decay Chill or any other Setting Spray to set everything and make that highlight pop even more.

Here are some pictures:

My opinion

As I mentioned, I have oily skin so I have to be careful with this trend because it can make me look sweaty very easily. When done right and not applied too heavily, this can look really nice! Be careful not to apply too much though as chances are you will end up looking super metallic, like a robot :) It will also accentuate any unevenness in your skin and exaggerate pores, so stay away from this if you have large pores or very textured skin.

Products used:
  • Cream base: Technic Highlighter in  "Highlights" (dupe for Benefit's High Beam)
  • Powder on top: Becca Jaclyn Hill Highlighter in Champagne Pop
  • Setting spray: Urban Decay All Nighter

Yay or nay?

Kind of in between. This is nothing completely new, you just leave out the contour and apply an extra amount of highlighter and that's it. I think people with normal to dry skin pull this off best. Contouring is sure not going anywhere, so while strobing does give you a nice fresh look, it's after all nothing but a nice summer trend in my opinion.

Monday, August 10, 2015

BH Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette - Review & Swatches!

I got this palette on the BH Cosmetics website on sale for only 8 USD which is such a great deal. Here's a closer look at the palette:

And here are all colors swatched (from top left to bottom right):

Taken with no flash in natural daylight & not edited in any way so it stays true to color.

My opinion

I love this palette! It's so versatile and easy to throw in your purse and carry with you, and the color selection is beautiful. The pigmentation of these shadows is so good! The purple shade though (forth from right) :( not that pigmented, requires some building up. 

The two baked shades on the bottom are actually labelled as highlighters. Missy Lynn, a Youtuber and military member created this palette with BH Cosmetics, and since she is a woman of color, she designed these shades to be worn as highlighters on deeper skintones like hers. I can't use them as highlighters on me as they are much too dark, but they make for gorgeous eyeshadows! And obviously I was aware of that when purchasing the palette.

Another thing to mention is the size of these eyeshadows! They are pretty big, so you are getting a lot of product. I have used these before but in the pictures they look pretty much untouched. So I believe I won't hit pan on these any time soon (maybe never since I only grab for this every once in a while).

I find this palette is suitable for absolutely everyone. I have one little critique though: These eyeshadows stink! They smell so bad of chemicals - such an unpleasant scent. And it kind of makes you wonder what they are made of to have this smell :O But then again, this was 8 $! And the smell is only bothersome while using the shadows.

Yay or nay? 

Big time yay for this! This is a perfect little palette with nicely pigmented shadows, a beautiful color selection, great for on the go with a built-in mirror at a very affordable price. You can't go wrong with this! I believe that this was limited edition though, so if you want this, make sure to get your hands on it while it's still available!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Black and purple smokey eye look with matte nude lips - perfect for a night out!

This is definitely not your everyday makeup look, but it is perfect for clubbing or any special occasion!

Products used:


Vichy Dermablend Foundation in 25 Nude
Astor Setting Powder in 002 (under the eyes) and 001 (rest of the face)
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC 25
Smashbox Bronzer in Suntan Matte
NYX Blush in Taupe for contouring
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Becca Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 60 - Timeless Black
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Corrupt
Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette in 14 and 59
BH Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette (the purple shade)
Becca Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop (browbone and inner corner)
Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner in ultra black
Kiko Ultra Tech Curve Mascara in black
Red Cherry Lashes in 217
L'oréal Brow Artist Designer in 303 dark brunette
P2 Beyond Lagoon Eyebrow Gel in deep brunette (limited edition)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks in Veronica (only a tiny bit on the outside of the lips) and mainly Pure Hollywood (blended over Veronica)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks - Pure Hollywood & Veronica

Hey guys! So I ordered two liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills since everybody is talking about them and I really wanted to try them out. I was lucky enough to find Pure Hollywood in stock, which is a beautiful warm browny nude shade, and the other one I got is Veronica, which is part of their new fall collection that just came out. Veronica is a mauvy color, very Kylie Jenner-ish.

Here are both of them swatched:

This is what Veronica looks like on the lips:

And here's Pure Hollywood:

My opinion

These are actually quite different from what I expected. I find that they never completely set and dry like other liquid lipsticks that I own. There remains a certain tackiness on the lips, which results in them transfering a tiny bit when I kiss them on my hand. On the other hand, they are less drying than others. 

Pure Hollywood does accentuate the fine lines in my lips and exaggerates them. I think this occurs with pretty much any lighter colored liquid lipstick though. Veronica is such a pretty shade. I find that it looks quite dark on me since I am pretty fair, so do keep in mind that it might look different on you depending on your skin tone.

Yay or nay?

I am a bit indecisive. They are beautiful. It's just that they do not last as well as other lipsticks and if you don't like that tacky feeling on your lips, you will not like these. Staying power wise, there are better options on the market in my opinion. But they are more comfortable to wear since they are not as drying. And the shades are gorgeous. So overall, I like them!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Lime Crime Velvetines - worth the hype? Red Velvet - the perfect classic matte red

Lime Crime's "Red Velvet" Velvetine is the ultimate red. It's a classic shade that every woman should own.

Pairing Red Velvet with very minimal eye makeup and a structured face + a high ponytail gives it a very modern, editorial high fashion look I think. You can totally wear this any other way you want, e. g. pin-up, 50s, glamorous, vampy etc.

I have owned the "Red Velvet" Velvetine by Lime Crime for a while now and thought I would talk about it.

My opinion

Red Velvet is the only shade I own and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect classic matte red and it does not move once it has dried. The formula of these is very liquid, unlike for example the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks, which are much thicker and creamier.

As for staying power, the Velvetine outdoes the Anastasia ones by far (at least for me). While I feel like the ABH ones never completely dry and therefore keep transferring and wear off more easily, the Lime Crime Velvetine stays put. And because it is so thin and liquidy, you hardly feel it on the lips which I really like. Of course the better the staying power, the more uncomfortable and drying. But even though I am someone who always needs something moisturizing on their lips, I don't have a problem with the Velvetines at all.

Yay or nay?

Yayyy!!! These are amazing, definitely one of my top favorite liquid lipsticks. I have nothing bad to say about this product. I do want to mention though that there has been quite a bit going on with Lime Crime, just google "Lime Crime scandal" and see for yourself. Personally, I bought this product before this became public and I haven't purchased anything else from the company since. But I will continue to use this product up and I did want to show you.

Btw: I do own 2 of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. The shades I have are Pure Hollywood and Veronica. I will be reviewing and swatching these shortly!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Urban Decay Naked Palette - finally jumping onto the bandwagon!

Sooo...I know I am so late to the party but I never actually owned one of the much talked about Urban Decay Naked Palettes. So far, UD has launched 4 of these. The Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 and just recently the Naked Smokey Palette. And of course there are the Naked Basics and Naked 2 Basics Palettes.

I knew that I wanted one of the big palettes, so I looked at each in the store and was most attracted to the original one since it's right up my alley with the mostly warm toned shades.

Here's a look at it:

Here are some swatches in different lightings (swatched in order from left to right):

Swatched in normal daylight:
Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

Swatched in brighter daylight - I find this lighting to be the most accurate and true to color.
Don't mind that photobomber in the background :)
Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal
Swatched in direct sunlight
Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

My opinion

I really like the color selection and how metallic these are! There are only two matte shades in here: Naked and Buck. Both are taupy/browny shades that make for great transition colors. 

Most of them are very pigmented. I must say however that there is definitely some fallout with some of these shades. The colors Creep and Hustle (third and second to last) are the least pigmented of the bunch and not my favorites. Creep in particular, being a black shade, is actually quite disappointing as it goes on as only a wash of color.

My favorites are the two mattes (Naked & Buck) and from the shimmery ones, I really like Sidecar, Half Baked, Smog and Gunmetal. Half Baked is such a gorgeous gold and Gunmetal is a shimmery blueish grey color with sparkles in it. It's perfect for a night out.

Yay or nay?

Definitely yay for the great choice of colors since they all go so well with each other and there is pretty much anything you need in here for a neutral toned smokey eye or for an everyday look.

Nay for the price since this is not the cheapest palette (I paid 47 EUR) and for the fact that there is quite a bit of fallout and some shades are not as pigmented.

Bottom line, I think this is such a beautiful and universal palette and for those who are willing to invest in a good palette, I would say go for it. Is it a musthave? Probably not since there are so many other amazing options these days at a much more affordable price. I will be showing some on this blog very soon, so be sure to check back!

Smokey shimmery cat eye with a touch of pink

Hey guys! So excited to share my first post on this brand new blog. Today I wanna share this eye makeup look with you:

Here's what I used to create the look:

  • Mac Painterly Paint Pot as a base
  • Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette (colors used: 76, 13 & 68)
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette (colors used: Virgin, Sidecar, Half Baked & Gunmetal)
  • Jaclyn Hill for Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop
  • Isadora Glossy Eyeliner (waterproof) in black
  • Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner in black
  • L'oréal Brow Artist Plumper in medium/dark
  • Essence I love extreme crazy volume Mascara

 I really love the finished look. Hope you do too!