Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quick & fresh makeup look: Polished brows, flawless face & hot pink lips!

Hot pink lips are super fun to wear, especially for summer. I know summer's over in most parts of the world but I don't really do my makeup according to seasons anyway. I just wear whatever I want whenever I want :)

Here's the look:

I basically just did a very understated eye with only mascara and defined brows and paired it with a flawless face makeup with no harsh contouring, just a bit of blush. The focus of this look are the lips of course. I used a limited edition lipstick by P2 Cosmetics (I know :/ but this is my favorite bright pink lipstick and actually the only one i own in this color - you can really use anything you own).

This look takes only a few minutes to do but looks very fresh and somewhat natural :) as much as I love a smokey eye, I enjoy something lighter too from time to time - especially during the day.

Btw, I ordered a light so that I can take pictures at night time too and it just came in today so I had to test it! I feel like it does wash me out a bit and can cast a shadow on my face from some perspectives, but this is sooo much better than regular artificial lighting. I prefer using natural lighting anyways, but now that we are going into fall and winter, it gets dark so early in the day, so this is a great alternative.

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