Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review & Swatches: Morphe Brushes 35K - 35 COLOR KOFFEE EYESHADOW PALETTE **NEW**

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I got this palette in the mail today, it's Morphe's newest release. Since it's so new I haven't seen swatches of it anywhere yet, so if you want to see all shades swatched, just scroll down. Here is a look at the palette:

right 3 columns photographed with flash
And here are swatches of all shades:

first row (left to right)
second row (left to right)
first and second row swatched together (left to right: first 7 shades are the top row, the last 7 are the 2nd row).
third row (left to right)
fourth row (left to right)
third and fourth row swatched together (left to right: first 7 shades are the 3rd row, the last 7 shades are the 4th row).
fifth row (left to right)

What I love most about this palette is its versatility. When I saw it online I had to get because it has both warm and cool-toned shades in it which I think is so cool! You get a huge variety of shades and can create a ton of different looks with it, whether it be your typical bronzy browny smokey eye or a cool-toned greyish silvery eyeshadow look.

The shadows are pigmented and the colors are beautiful. I found with the Morphe shadows that some of the matte shades can be a little less pigmented than the others, but they're still decent. The metallic shimmery shades are gorgeous. I really need to create a look with these some time! The bottom row has some really amazing shades and since I am really into these cool-toned blueish shimmery colors at the moment, I'm sure I'll come up with something nice.

Hopefully these swatches are helpful. I do own the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette and the 35W Palette as well as the Pressed Powder Palette and the Blush Palette. I love all of them! Morphe is one of my favorites for palettes because they are affordable and great quality. I'm sure you'll see more from Morphe on this blog soon :)

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