Saturday, October 17, 2015

Black winged eyeliner for hooded eyes! Makeup look for fall

Winged eyeliner takes a steady hand and some time to do which is why I tend to only do it when I'm not in a rush, which unfortunately I am most mornings. The struggle of getting it even on both eyes is so real :) plus I have hooded eyes (not extremely hooded, but somewhat hooded: my right eye is a lot more hooded than my left eye). Doing winged eyeliner on hooded eyes is tricky, but it is possible when keeping a few things in mind. So today I wanna share some tips that I use myself to make it work for me.

Also, if you need help when it comes to eyeshadow application on hooded eyes, this video might help you as well:

Here you can see the wing on my left eye which is not very hooded, but I obviously did the same wing
on my right eye which is more hooded.
In this one you can see that the eye on the left is slightly hooded compared to
the eye on the right which has a lot more lid space.

Here's what you want to do:

  • use a waterproof eyeliner so that it doesn't smudge onto your eyelid
  • tightline your upper lashline to give the illusion of fuller lashes without taking away any lid space
  • make the liner as thin as you can get it so it doesn't take away from the little lid space that you have
  • don't start at the very inner corner but at about one third in (makes the eyes look more open)
  • make the liner thicker as you get to the outer corner
  • don't wing it out going right up but go more straight, depending on where your hood is
  • putting on false lashes or a lot of mascara helps hide the hood a bit

This makeup look

I did this makeup look today and really loved the finished look. My tan from my summer holiday has almost completely faded, so I am back to pale which really works with this fall look. Actually it's not even a fall look - you can wear this any time of the year. But it gave me fall vibes somehow (it might just be the plaid scarf...oh well.).

I am not wearing any eyeshadow, just black eyeliner, mascara, tinted brow gel, a ton of face products :) and some lip gloss (NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Tres Leches). You wanna make your skin look flawless so that the eyeliner stands out. I used my all time favorite foundation which is Vichy Dermablend, and my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer which is also my fave.

Not putting anything on the lower lashline gives you a very fresh & youthful look, so I usually skip it for everyday looks. However you do you!

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