Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks - Review & Swatches!

Today I went to the drugstore because I needed some basic stuff like toothpaste etc. and as always, I ended up spending a fortune because I could not walk past the beauty section. Story of my life! Anyways, I found these babies which I picked up in 3 colors - the color selection was not huge, actually there was only one more but I didn't love it so I decided to just pick up these 3.

left to right: Nude Embrace, Siren in Scarlet, Magnetic Magenta

Here are some lip swatches:

I think I might have found my new favorite drugstore matte lipsticks :O ! I am so happy that these are finally available in Germany!!! Unfortunately only very few shades though. I hope we will get more soon because I would be the first to buy them.

The formula of these is incredible and absolutely high end in my opinion. They are so creamy and glide on so smoothly. Also, they are not drying at all but actually very comfortable on the lips - in the pictures you can see that they are not hardcore matte but just enough to qualify as matte lipsticks. That probably means less staying power, but I am OK with that for a regular creamy lipstick. Plus the bright shades stain your lips, so even when the lipsticks itself wears off, you are still left with some color on your lips, which I love!

The colors I picked up are beyond gorgeous, at least Magnetic Magenta and Siren in Scarlet. Such fun shades! The photos really don't do them justice. Unfortunately Nude Embrace makes me look dead, so that one's not my favorite. I think it just doesn't go with my natural lip color :/ too bad because it looks beautiful in the bullet and probably on other people.

One thing I don't love about them is the smell...as always though, I can't describe it. I believe Maybelline lipsticks all have this smell and I am not feeling it. But let's be real, that's not really a problem. You might want to use a lipliner with the brighter shades so that they don't bleed (I didn't because I wanted to show you the colors without any other products).

For a German drugstore lipstick, these are not the cheapest (I paid about 8 € for each), but they are worth every cent in my opinion because they are amazing.

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