Sunday, October 18, 2015

My NYX Lip Product Collection: Butter Gloss, Intense Butter Gloss, Xtreme Lip Cream, Matte Lipstick, High Voltage Lipstick - Review & Swatches

As you can see, I quite like NYX lip products :) NYX is probably my favorite drugstore makeup brand. I think they are so innovative and their products are of such great quality. These lippies are all insanely pigmented as you will see from the swatches. And not to mention, NYX is super affordable.

These are all NYX lip products I own. The ones in the front left are the Intense Butter Glosses, the lipstick on the front right is a High Voltage Lipstick. In the back I have my Xtreme Lip Creams on the left, a Butter Gloss in the middle and the Matte Lipsticks on the right. Let's take a closer look at each!

Xtreme Lip Creams & Butter Gloss
Matte Lipsticks
Please excuse how dirty some of them are! It happens with this packaging...
Also, the top picture was taken with flash and therefore the colors show up lighter in the bullets than in the swatches.

Intense Butter Glosses & High Voltage Lipstick

The swatches pretty much speak for themselves I think, so here are my reviews:

Xtreme Lip Creams

The pigmentation of these is unreal. These are basically lipglosses with great staying power. They are more long lasting than the Intense Butter Glosses, but similar in pigmentation. Another difference is that the Xtreme Lip Creams have a very strong and kind of unpleasant scent. I am not sure how to describe it, it reminds me of Play-Doh somehow :) but that scent doesn't linger, it's just noticeable while applying.

Butter Glosses

I only have one shade of these which is actually a shame because the formula of these is so great! I gave this exact shade (Tiramisu) to my friend and she usually hates lipglosses, but she became obsessed with this one because it's very buttery (hence the name), not sticky at all, lightweight on the lips and super low maintenance and wears off beautifully. They also have a scent, but a much nicer one than the Xtreme Lip Creams, like a dessert - actually kind of like Tiramisu. They are more on the sheer side (at least compared to the other ones in this post), but do have decent color payoff for a regular gloss.

Matte Lipsticks

These are one of my favorite matte lipsticks (along with the Wet n Wild ones). They are very matte but not drying. I have worn them throughout an entire day before and they were comfortable and stayed put very well. Of course they don't last as well as a liquid lipstick, but for a creamy formula lipstick, I was pretty impressed. Plus they give you the most beautiful matte lip look without emphasizing any lines. As you can tell, I am a sucker for nudes :) the 4 nude shades are extremely similar, so I don't think you would need all of them. My favorites are actually Euro Trash, which is the browny nude on the left, Whipped Caviar right next to it which is more of a rosy nude, and Alabama which is the red shade on the right. Alabama is hands down my favorite red EVER. It is a little bit darker than a regular red and just such a classic, sexy shade. I love it!

Intense Butter Glosses

I can't even explain how amazing these are! They are extremely pigmented, however not sticky or uncomfortable at all; yet of course you can feel them on the lips more than the regular butter glosses because they are thicker. They have the same scent as the butter glosses but last a lot longer on the lips. Tres Leches is the perfect every day nude pink. Do keep on mind that they might bleed, so expecially for the darker shades I recommend using a lipliner.

High Voltage Lipsticks

Again, I only own one of these which is Flutter Kiss. Incredibly creamy formula that glides on beautifully. I know they come in a huge variety of colors, and a lot of them are actually dupes for high end lipsticks which is awesome. Flutter Kiss for example is very comparable to Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Stone in my opinion as it is that same greyish pink color, just a different finish.

FYI: This is not sponsored or anything, everything I showed was purchased with my own money. NYX has no clue who I am :) I just genuinely love their products.

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