Sunday, November 8, 2015

Morphe Brushes 35D - 35 COLOR DARK SMOKY PALETTE Review & Swatches!

1st row, left to right
2nd row, left to right
3rd row, left to right
4th row, left to right
5th row, left to right

Yup, another Morphe palette! I really love the Morphe eyeshadows because their pigmentation and overall quality is amazing, plus they are so affordable - you get 35 eyeshadows for $ 22.99. I have already reviewed and swatched several Morphe palettes on this blog, so make sure to check these out as well.

This palette has such fun shades! It's probably not your everyday kind of palette since it has some very dark shades and also some very colorful ones in it. You get purples, blues, greens, turquoises, gunmetals, greys, browns, you can create many different smokey looks using this palette.

I am absolutely in love with the metallic shades. Just look at the swatches of the 2nd row...that pigmentation is unreal, and they swatched so buttery and smooth! There are also some very glittery shades in here (e. g. in the bottom row), but I must say they look much more glittery in the pan than they apply, which you can tell by the swatches.

This is an amazing supplementary palette in my opinion as it has some awesome shades, but just be aware that not every shade that you might need for your complete eye look might be in here. For example, I usually like to put a highlight under my browbone and in my inner corners when I'm doing a dark smokey eye, but there is no such shade in here. So you might have to grab for an extra eyeshadow.

However, I am so impressed with this particular palette! If you like to incorporate a pop of color into your eye looks once in a while, you need this. You also need this if you love dark smokey eyes because you get so much variety in here.

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  1. Because of you I will be buying this lol ����