Friday, February 23, 2018

Modern abstract art - painting by Peter Lindenberg

Sooo...I know this is a beauty blog BUT this painting is a beauty so I find it fits the theme?! :) Either way. If you know me, you know that makeup is my one passion, and interior design and decorating is my other. I just love furnishing rooms, making plans, picking out pieces and watching how everything comes together. It's a great way to be creative and express your personality.

That said, finding art I really like is super difficult for me because I know exactly what I like and what I don't, and I just don't come across a lot of stuff that appeals to me. I have one large painting with greens and golds that I'm totally in love with:

I purchased that one from Austria many years ago, and since then I haven't bought any new art - until now! I learned about Peter Lindenberg's work through my colleague, so we went to his art room to look at some of his work and came across my - now - new painting. I instantly loved the fresh springy vibe it gave.

If you're into modern abstract art, you should definitely check out Peter's work. He has exhibitions all over the world and I find a nice piece of art is an amazing investment that will bring you joy every time you look at it. His art is also available for rent if you're in or around Germany. (German site) (English site)


(This is totally not sponsored and I did not receive this for free in exchange for posting about it either. I did pay for this and I am simply sharing it because I love it).


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